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Another example is a woman who is losing her hair, has a lack of sex drive, can’t sleep and feels even more tired after she eats. She goes to her HMO and gets blood work done and is told she is fine, that she is getting older and this is all natural stuff. She had estrogen supplementation suggested.

Looking more carefully, we uncovered that her fasting blood sugar levels were 105 and her adrenals were fatigued. This is a potentially pre diabetic, insulin resistant state that if gone untreated, would probably become Diabetes. The insulin surges that come after eating carbohydrates have an affect to make her estrogen turn to testosterone that makes her hair fall out. (if she was given estrogen in this situation, much of it would turn to testosterone and ultimately increase symptoms). This pattern often mimics a thyroid condition in symptoms, but through inexpensive lab tests, we found she did not have this pattern. When we gave her supplements for the functioning of her insulin receptors to deal with the blood sugar issue and encouraged healthy and regular food, dramatic changes were made. And certainly, anytime you can keep a person from becoming diabetic, it alleviates a host of very serious and life threatening symptoms.

A 36 year old woman complains of being tired and cold, have weakened immune systems and feels stressed and anxious, and unable to sleep. After a basic blood test, one part being values for the thyroid, her TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) was found to be 0.8 with low thyroid hormone levels. This person would be considered fine in most models used by doctors these days. They would generally be sent away being told that they have no problem (regardless of the symptoms they feel) and would have to return when their problem became more severe. But according to the functional model, she was diagnosed as having a primary pituitary problem (the gland that regulates the thyroid) and a secondary thyroid problem with an adrenal and blood sugar issue (also determined by lab tests). She received supplementation in support of a situation that is highly treatable and preventative to future problems. She is fine now, and we monitor her yearly with blood work. This is just one example but is typical of many of our systems that are dysfunctional yet being overlooked by other models of health care.

The Psychotherapy Connection

Functional medicine can be quite helpful to those who have reached a plateau in their psychotherapy, When a person cannot adapt to stress, the best psychotherapy in the world will not help the person until the physiology is tended to. There are blood sugar and endocrine problems that inhibit change. With trauma, the fight or flight mechanism can be impossible to turn off. A person might have a hard time sleeping (even though they are exhausted) and there is a constant sense of vigilance about them. They might have anxiety or tend toward panic.

The practitioner can identify patterns that have changed the chemistry in the brain and body physiology, responsible for the mental suffering and physical disturbances.  Through the use of inexpensive blood and saliva tests, the problem can often be diagnosed and treated without pharmaceuticals. Recent advances made in medical supplements enable us to restore and unwind even very complex situations of dysfunction. After the problem has been identified and treated, the client can relax and diligent therapeutic work can succeed. Often when we treat the body, the mind will follow.






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A 45 year old man who lived a stressful working life recently has had a hard time remembering and comprehending his common subjects he deals with at work. He has been getting angry at things he used to have an easy time with, and on the other side feeling quite depressed, especially during the winter months. He couldn’t sleep deeply. He was gaining weight so decided to stop eating meat and many fats. After going to a doctor and being told he was fine and perhaps he should take some prozac for the depression. Again, after a simple blood test and adrenal function test, plus a complex neurotransmitter intake form, we were able to determine he was adrenal fatigued. He no longer had enough cortisol production to allow a deep restful sleep. His weight was due to lack of exercise and a blood sugar problem that made it very difficult to lose weight. These problems got worse by his diet decision which depleted the precursors for the important neurotransmitters Serotonin and Acetylcholine, making the memory and emotional disturbances. He is doing much better now, he sleeps, is emotionally stable and even started losing weight. Of course, he had to make some lifestyle changes, including exercise and a less stressful life.




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