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The Good News

  1. Because of the enormous amount of science and information available, the current  physiological state of the client can be identified

  1. The view of Functional Medicine is integrative and therefore makes use of all appropriate information and therapeutic approaches to attain optimal health.

  2. Most tests needed to assess and monitor your health are inexpensive and easily collected

  1. Functional Medicine has demonstrated that most problems can be treated with natural supplements, dietary and lifestyle shifts, and supportive therapies

Health Care That Works With, Not Against Your Body

Functional Medicine can be very effective for common health problems as well as those that are difficult to manage, including:

• Blood sugar issues-Hypoglycemia, Pre-

Diabetic states, and metabolic syndrome

• Being Emotionally “stuck”

• Hormonal issues

• Fatigue

• Immune system problems and autoimmune patterns

• Infertility and sexual dysfunction

• Pain

• Sleep problems

• Memory issues

Many other patterns can be identified and treated that are often overlooked by other medical models.

Functional Medicine and Integrative Care

Why is Conventional Medicine So Dysfunctional?

Modern medical technology offers much more information about biology, physiology and human health than ever before.... so why is our society getting less healthy? The problem is most medicine being practiced today, under the watchful eye of HMO’s and insurance regulators, is profit driven and is mainly about disease management.

Conventional medicine uses the pharmaceutical model to shut down, inhibit, block or regulate processes of the body. Insurance and pharmaceutical companies heavily influence treatment protocols and doctors are often encouraged to limit the use of diagnostic tests. This is not a model of health care that puts the patient’s health first.

What is Functional Medicine and Integrative care and how does it differ from Conventional Medicine?

Functional Medicine and Integrative care is the practice of supporting the physiology of our bodies and restoring its capacity to heal. Simply put, it is any method of health care that seeks to support the functioning of the body. This might seem to be what all health care attempts to do, but is actually quite different than how the pharmaceutically based, profit driven, conventional medical model is practiced today.

While Conventional and Functional Medicine use almost the same diagnostic processes, including lab tests and a complex intake of patient information, major differences lie in the interpretation of the information, and the treatment protocols that ensue.

The interpretation is different because a different assessment of the lab test results and ranges are used, those determined by healthcare providers and researchers embracing the principles of preventative medicine. Many imbalances can be corrected with supportive treatment including supplements, nutritional and lifestyle interventions. 

Functional medicine can be quite helpful to those who have reached a plateau in their psychotherapy. There are physiological patterns in the body that will prevent a person from pragmatic change. The practitioner can identify patterns that have changed the chemistry in the brain and body physiology, responsible for the mental suffering and physical disturbances. After the problem has been identified and treated, the client can relax and diligent therapeutic work can succeed.

Datis Kharrazian is a pioneer in this field and Jonathan has been very lucky to be able to be a student of his and to be able to bring these methods to his clients to help many chronic situations that often go ineffectively treated. One of the most important aspects of his teachings is to point out that the Immune System, Nervous system and Endocrine system are actually one system. This points to the complexity which is the human condition, but his brilliance is in understanding how to work with the complexity in clear and measurable ways. There is method to this madness, as it were.

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