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Functional Medicine and Endocrinology

Licensed Acupuncturist

Manual Therapies & Massage

Herbs and Supplements-Apex Line

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“For over twenty years, I struggled with an illness which profoundly affected my relationships, my work, and my quality of life.  Jonathan was key in identifying the condition as Adrenal Fatigue, and providing me the supplements necessary to return my body to normalcy.  I now enjoy a quality of health much worked for, longed for, and prayed for.  I will remain deeply grateful to Jonathan for his insight, diligence, and generous assistance.”

                                                             Kathleen D, (Doula)

Stress        Complicated Combination of Problems       

Injuries                                Blood Sugar Problems

Digestion Problems                Hormonal Problems

Chronic or Acute Pain                   Sleep Disorders

Menstrual Irregularities                               Fatigue

Emotional Imbalances                          ADD/ADHD

Anxiety/ Panic/ Depression                       Allergies

Functional Medicine is an integrative approach to health care and is very effective for common health problems as well as those that are difficult to manage, including:     (415) 431-3793   San Francisco/ Marin, CA.