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“I believe that a healthy person has the most important ingredients to their health built into their system. Our health is an expression of the ability to be self regulating. When it’s time to eat and when we’ve had enough, when it’s time to rest and when to act, etc. are all senses that we are born with. Through our traumas, pathologies and stresses, these messages can get overlooked and eventually become disturbed enough so that we stop living according to them. One way of assessing the health of a person is how well this aspect is working. Accordingly, treatment would be directed to re-establish this aspect of a person as a guide to the success or failure of treatment, and not just the cessation of symptoms.  My job then is to track the persons health and to re-calibrate ones systems when necessary.

Of course, some of our woes are simple, and adjustments to our lifestyles or bodies, or the taking of herbs and remedies is what is necessary for us to regain health again.

Every methodology I practice falls under the umbrella of Functional Medicine. I am dedicated to supporting the functioning of a persons life, whether it be the alleviation of symptoms or a more comprehensive look at their life and health”.

Personal Statement

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