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Functional Medicine and Endocrinology:

Functional Medicine is the practice of supporting the physiology of our bodies and restoring its capacity to heal. Many tools are used to achieve this goal, and it is integrative in its approach. It is practiced quite differently from the way Conventional Medicine is practiced today. While Conventional and Functional Medicine use almost the same diagnostic processes, including lab tests and a complex intake of patient information, major differences lie in the interpretation of the information, and the treatment protocols that ensue.

The interpretation comes from measuring how the patient’s body is working through the use of lab tests. A different assessment of the test results and ranges are used, those determined by healthcare providers and researchers embracing the principles of preventative medicine. It is not necessary to wait to be demonstrably sick, but it is possible to act on the disequilibria in the test results before they become pathological. Problems can be found that get overlooked and left untreated in the conventional medical model.

Functional medical treatment is also different than conventional treatment. Most imbalances can be corrected through means other than the use of pharmaceuticals. Whenever possible, supplements, nutritional and lifestyle interventions are used which produce systemic changes. This model of healthcare does not oppose the use of pharmaceuticals, per se, just the unnecessary use of them. For more on Functional Medicine.

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM):

Acupuncture is considered to be primary medicine in California and can be used for any condition or malady. In the treatment, acupuncture is just one tool employed in the treatment of a person. There are other methods used including but not limited to: massage, cupping, scraping, moxabustion,  and herbs.

Osteopathic Manipulation/ Manual Medicine:

Jonathan has studied extensively with many Osteopaths and masters of manual (hands on) techniques (Jean Pierre-Barral, Alain Gehin). These techniques can be used with a wide range of symptoms and can easily be integrated into a treatment course that is compatible with Functional Medicine and TCM. Some of the techniques are: Cranial Sacral work, Visceral (Organs) work, Connective tissue manipulation, Joint manipulation and range of motion reintegration.

Our bodies are designed to work most effectively when all of our tissues (bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, organs etc.) are able to move freely against each other, a gliding kind of motion. Through trauma, aging, or a host of causes, the smooth flow of these tissues can become aberrant. The techniques used are designed to re-establish this “healthy” motion.

Massage: Even though Jonathan's’ work is mainly directed to therapeutic styles of bodywork, he also does Shiatsu, Tui-Na, Acupressure and Swedish massage therapy. Sometimes it’s nice to just have a “feel good” massage.

Nambudripads Allergy Elimination Technique (NAET):

A very effective, safe method to treat allergies. This technique helps to reprogram our systems (in an orderly way) to help change what is a reactive and inflammatory pattern to certain items (i.e.. food, pollen) to a non-reactive pattern.

Lifestyle recommendations-supplements, diet, counseling

Supplements: Jonathan has the complete line of Apex Energetics products, as well as a host of other herbs and supplements.

Lifestyle recommendations: Often people are confused as to which of their patterns are helpful to their health and which can be problematic. These patterns can take the form of food and diet, exercise, relationship strategies, supplements etc. Jonathan will help to review these strategies and see if they are working and if there are other resources that are needed.

Counseling: Jonathan uses Hakomi Therapy (a body-centered therapy model) methods and philosophy as a base of his counseling work. He is committed to the development of pragmatic resources and tools for his clients. Often with illness there is a psycho-emotional component, that when explored, brings better understanding of ones situation and their relationship to their  suffering and illness.

In my practice, Functional Medicine provides the context to fully address the needs of my clients. Each session will be tailored to fit your needs and usually includes some talking to assess your needs, and then a treatment  with a combination of bodywork (cranial, visceral, muscular-skeletal techniques) and acupuncture and Chinese medical procedures. Before we finish, there will be recommendations of lab tests, herbs and supplements, lifestyle changes, exercise, resources needed.

Rates are kept reasonable. Flexible rate for those in need. Insurance billed.

Available for house calls, office visits, groups and corporate situations.     (415) 431-3793   San Francisco/ Marin, CA.

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